Openframeworks addon to manage a particle system entirely in the GPU

With this addon, it is possible to control large particle systems in real time (1 million particles at 60 fps).

Source code in my github repo:


  • Different parameters for each particle individually: size, color, texture, etc.
  • Velocity can affect the size / width / color of particles by parameter
  • It is possible to use multitexture for the particles, so, each particle can have its own texture
  • Possibility to restrict how long a particle can go from its starting point
  • The particles can be drawn as shapes coming from the starting point
  • The color of the particles can be set up by an static / dynamic image
  • Optical Flow (GPU). By using ofxMioFlowGLSL (

Coming soon:

  • Vector Field
  • Emitters


Developed with OF 0.8.4 and windows 7 64 bits. Exaple includes project for Visual Studio 2012